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27 February 2008 @ 10:02 pm
Claims/Blog Crews Post  

Knock Out ☆ 한경 Hangeng
《 I will kiss 韓庚 / Han Geng ☆ on New Year's 2008
韓庚 / Han Geng ☆ on Asian Male Blogcrew 2008
Korean Music Blog Crew☆ → Park Ji Woon (Lio)

yourWEDDING with 安田章大 (Yasuda Shota) is held at MASSUiance™house!
한경 : " Cause I can’t stop thinking bout U, あかり."
한경 경한

《 akari ⇔ "한경 ¤ 희철"
{} 関ジャニ∞ → 安田章大 (Yasuda Shota)
{} KAT-TUN → 上田竜也 (Ueda Tatsuya)
{} JROCK → 雅-miyavi-
今井翼 (Imai Tsubasa) surprised me with a bouquet of red roses and a white gold diamond ring~
한경 of Super Junior is MINE. All thanks to malystrynx
I will kiss in 2008 with 安田章大 (Yasuda Shota) on New Years eve
MY THEME SONG » 돈 돈! Super Junior
lee hongki + akari » otp!

[VERB. n. (i) 安田章大 (Yasuda Shota) (ii) it's what who I do ;)]
한경 ~ Hangeng』is my other half.
love,(lŭv) n. ~Kim Jongwoon (Yesung)~.
vainillalatte isHeechulto myHan Geng
GAMING BLOG CREW |o|+|o| Final Fantasy X-2
한경 - Han Geng is a THIEF...he stole my heart
*Asians Kick Bootie* Blog CrewYesung
» Shuji to Akira »「ASIAN BOYBAND
Azn Dreamerz Blog Crew[Park Yoochun]
i had an AFFAIR with Domoto Koichi
Be my Easter bunny → [한경 ⁄⁄→ Hankyung] ←
F.T Island→ is my anti-drug
OMG! 한경 - Han Geng Won't stop singing me LOVE SONGS w/ his SEXY VOICE!♪
» Junk Food » 《 strawberry pie 》 »
東方神起 T ≈ 「 trick
J-POP females ♫ 【 松浦亜弥 ~ Matsuura Aya
J-POP males ♫ 【 安田章大 ~ Yasuda Shota
I gave my virginity to Han Geng ~ 韩庚
I Italian pastaSpaghetti alla bolognese
TTLY RANDOM!!1one Pink Color
한경 x 희철 is my number one OTP~
희철 ~ Heechul; my damsel♥
한경 ~ Hankyung; my hero♥
유천 ~ Yoochun; my hero♥

I’ll be your » T i n k e r b e l l « fairy, ღ; Hankyung ;ღ
; Like the sun in early spring, like the sky in late autumn, like the ocean in summer and like the first snow in winter
. /

J-POP groups Perfume 」 ★
K-POP groups Battle
extra extra » this just in Hankyung + Being Chinese
stars flash flash; and there goes the cameras.
extra extra » this just in Heechul + His Ego
stars flash flash; and there goes the cameras. stars
Danny Noriega is my honeybee

Jared Leto's voice is
Kim Heechul will be the death of me

[Lee Hongki] stole °Akari° first in his room
;;and it was magical~

.•°☆「Han Geng」☆彡 sings to .•°☆「Kim Heechul」☆彡 ~
where do you go when you're lonely?
i'll follow you when the stars go blue

{ MUSICIAN BLOG CREW :: Park Yoochun }
Hankyung: Whats your favourite fantasy?
Akari: To kiss in the rain. Whats yours?
Hankyung: To be the one kissing you

(Han Geng) is my heart, mind and soul, my forever love

彡 i have a secret HEART for [Hankyung]

i keep "Hankyung" in a c o o k i e j a r so no one can steal him from me

`` [Lee Hongki] is my one and only shining STR .
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